31 Grace-full Days: Day 20 – Reality

Okay friends… I hope to get back on this daily writing challenge again. My dad should go home from the hospital tomorrow, and perhaps I will have a bit more time to post. A girl can dream can’t she?

Anyway. Today, I’m thinking about reality. The kind of reality where you realize your parents are aging, and despite how active and awesome they are for their age, they are 78 and 79 (sorry for disclosing mom!) and they are getting older.

My husband lost both of his parents many years ago. He has been here before. This place of hospitals and surgeries and caring for parents is not new to him. For that I am thankful, because he is a source of comfort, encouragement and reality in small doses.

He reminds me this is a temporary thing; that my dad will be up and about in no time. That these few weeks of surgery, hospitalization and recovery are “blips on a screen.” He truly exemplifies a man who is willing to let his wife be who she needs to be in her parents’ life and doesn’t put me in the position of choosing who to be with. He shares me willingly with my parents, because experience and wisdom and reality have shown him that tomorrow and the next day and the next day will be better and different and okay.

Reality is a good thing. Small doses of it even better. And honestly, my husband has a gift for giving me these small doses of reality over time. He has lovingly prepared me for these days and whatever days lie ahead (or is it “lay ahead?” – forgive me grammar police!).

My parents have adapted and will continue to adapt as we, my parents children, step in and support. It’s natural. It’s a no-brainer. We do what is required and embrace the reality, trusting that we are not alone.

So, to my husband I say, “Thank you.” To my parents I say, “You are not a burden. It is our joy to give ourselves to you.” And to those who care for aging parents, “I have a glimpse into the life you choose to live. One that gives without considering the cost. Because that is what we do.”

Thanks for taking this journey with me friends. I realize I de-railed the focus of the 31 day challenge. I know you are WAY more okay with that than I am!

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