31 Grace-full Days: Day 11 – Interruptions

I enjoy my sleep. I especially love sleeping in on Saturday mornings, a luxury that I forfeited for many years while raising children. Once the early morning risers became self-sufficient and I almost got used to life without a weekend wake-up call, we were thrust into sports that called us early on most weekend mornings.

Life as a parent is a life interrupted. Babies deprive us of sleep as we attend to their sweet (well not at 2:00 am) cries. Toddlers wake us early to eat and to play. Teenagers keep us awake late at night, waiting until we hear they have arrived safely back at home.

While at 20 and 21 my children still need me, most days I don’t lose sleep. I now have the luxury of plenty of weekend mornings to sleep in. And oh do I look forward to those. This week however, life (or should I say sleep) has been interrupted a few times.

There was the 11:00 pm text message telling me she wasn’t coming home. There was the early morning worrying that she was getting up and going to school on time. Then there was this morning… 6:08 a.m. the words in a text,

Mom, I need someone to talk to.

I respond with, “Yes,” of course. A sleepy yes, but yes. And for the next 45 minutes or so I listened as my son poured out his heart; his hurting, angry, frustrated, young, confused heart. The gift is not lost on me. Moments like this come rarely. Interrupted sleep or not, I will be present in the moment.

Hours later, I am interrupted again with more tears, more hurt, more anger. This time he asks me to pray for him. Again, I say “Yes.”

I realize the great gift I have of being their mother. The interruptions and inconveniences are part of the gift. They teach me what it means to be patient, to stop what’s not so important and embrace the interruption of something much more important. It’s a mother’s joy to be the one who can wipe the tears, speak the words of love and grace.

I admit that not all interruptions are welcomed and accepted with grace. Sometimes I fire back at that 11:00 p.m. text and am angry for the inconsiderate waking of my precious sleep. But today, I’m thankful that I have the privilege of being interrupted in order to be a mom to my child who needs me.

My Grace-full pause: When an interruption feels like it’s stealing something from me, Lord help me to look for the gift that may be hiding within it.

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  1. Very, Very well done – Very spot on!! Again I read this to my wife and her response, “I love this girl, it sounds like she is writing my life!!”

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