31 Grace-full Days: Day 5 – Football

It’s football season. That means we watch a lot of football in our home. My husband, a former quarterback, loves the game. While we were still dating he patiently answered my hundreds of questions and I learned to love the game because I could understand it better and because I love him so much.

But what I love most about football isn’t the competition, the winning, the hard tackles, the touchdowns, field goals, fumbles and interceptions. What I love is how our home becomes the center for friends and family during the season. Everyone knows that if a game is on, we will be watching. And not just that,

I will be cooking!

I love to cook and my husband loves to help. We love putting a delicious meal together and sharing it with family and friends. We love to open our home, fill it with joy, laughter and football. We enjoy the gifts that God has given us.

You see, it wasn’t that many years ago, when each of us, lost in miserable marriages, could only dream of an open, happy home where friends and family would gather. We didn’t really even know we were missing it, until we found it. And now, every time we open our home, we share hearts full of thankfulness that we are able to spend our lives with each other; lives restored to fullness and joy. We are thankful that we are so like-minded. We are thankful that opening our home is not a burden, but a blessing. We are thankful that we have friends and family that know they are welcome anytime.

So, while the sign above our TV says,


in reality, our marriage is more alive during football season. And for that, I am thankful.

My Grace-full pause: My home and my life don’t have to be perfect to have a warm and inviting home. Imperfection only makes it more accepting to others.

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4 Comments on “31 Grace-full Days: Day 5 – Football

  1. You are the Love of my life and happiness and fulfillment doesn’t do justice when it’s so deep in my heart and spirit. You have said this so well but for me it IS about competition, winning, hard tackles, touchdowns, field goals, fumbles and interceptions. But the cooking/grilling and spending time with you is the best. I am glad The Lord has given us an inviting home for family and friends!

  2. Very well said, Kari. I loved being in your home. You and Troy are great hosts!

  3. Thank you for opening up your home! It brings human connection to my busy world!!!!

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