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A word to start our week : Peace

Our lives often move at a frenzied pace. The demands of work, family, church, school… they grab at us and we feel ourselves grabbing back, trying to take back control of the schedule, the noise, the pressure, the… Read More

When the soul needs a safe place to come out

Think about the word, SOUL. What does it mean to you? To some it’s music, to others food. Many think of the soul as that part of us that lives on after our earthly bodies give out. Merriam-Webster’s… Read More

Love Never Fails : Significance

There is so much going on in the world today. That’s no news to any of you. Last week our world was rocked again as we heard the news of students killed in Oregon by a gunman who plotted their… Read More

I don’t have time for this! That time when I realized “Hurry” was my mantra

Last weekend, my husband left town for a couple of days. Ordinarily, I’d have wanted to go with him. This time however, I wanted to stay home and just be alone. Having recently recognized that I was spending… Read More

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