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Love Never Fails : Let’s not beat people over the head with God’s Word!

Love is kind… 1 Corinthians 13:4 In Luke 10, we read about Jesus being approached by a good, law-abiding leader in the community who asked what was required to inherit eternal life. Jesus asked him what the Law says… Read More

Is there really a Slippery Slope?

Some friends and I were talking this week about our upbringing in the church. Two of us grew up with the idea that somehow, when we got to judgment day, our lives would be played out on a… Read More

Maybe you haven’t suffered enough…

It was August of 1986. My husband and I were part of a young married couples Sunday School class. I had recently left my husband, and the class leaders asked me to get up in front of the… Read More

Will the Church Keep our Kids from Knowing Christ?

My kids and many of their peers want nothing to do with “Organized Religion.”  You know what?  I don’t want anything to do with “Organized Religion” either. It’s helpful to understand what the term “Organized Religion” means to… Read More

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