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Love Never Fails : Swedish pancakes + fervent prayer

I wish I had a picture, but the only thing I have is the snapshot in my head. Here’s what it looked like: The only home I remember my grandparents living in was the tiny, tall, white house… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 25 – Patchwork Family

Late last evening, I was admiring the beautiful patchwork table round that a dear friend of my parents’ made for them. As I looked at all the patterns in the fabric, I noticed that not one is the… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 24 – Legacy

People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish. Psalm 49:20 I read that this morning and it made me think just a little bit. We work and work for material possessions. Houses, cars,… Read More

Reflecting on life and death and the dash in between

Yesterday, my husband and I attended the funeral for his 62 year old cousin, Scott.  He died after a very short illness.  He was supposed to have more time.  He was supposed to be here longer.  His wife… Read More

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