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How compassion, kindness and reality TV go together

I have a confession to make. I love reality TV. I much prefer it to comedies, dramas, movies and such. I just love following the real lives of real people with real junk going on. They have good… Read More

A word to start our week : Peace

Our lives often move at a frenzied pace. The demands of work, family, church, school… they grab at us and we feel ourselves grabbing back, trying to take back control of the schedule, the noise, the pressure, the… Read More

How I told hurry to take a hike!

I live my life by to-do-lists. Doesn’t everyone? Monday through Friday it’s a race to finish all the to-do’s my job requires. By Friday, I’m already looking at the long list of to-do’s that I have to finish… Read More

Hurry Hinders Connection : Some advice for leaders

I showed up to one of the branch offices that I manage on a hazy winter day, where the temperatures felt more like August than January. As I drove north on Pacific Coast Highway, I noticed the ugly… Read More

My Anti-Resolution Resolution

The first of the year brings fresh starts and renewed commitments to all kinds of things that we hope will create year-long or life-long habits. Calling them “New Year’s Resolutions” has lost some of it’s luster, so we… Read More

I don’t have time for this! That time when I realized “Hurry” was my mantra

Last weekend, my husband left town for a couple of days. Ordinarily, I’d have wanted to go with him. This time however, I wanted to stay home and just be alone. Having recently recognized that I was spending… Read More

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