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How to lead with a strong hand and a gentle touch

It’s the strong hand, not the weak one that must learn to be gentle. (Gary Thomas) I don’t often write about my job here. But for this post, I think it’s important to understand what I do and… Read More

A word to start our week : Gentleness

This world is anything but gentle. Political wars are waging. Words spew out hate upon hate. It’s all too much. Jesus, we know that you too lived in politically charged times. Yet, you were able to be gentle… Read More

Boundaries are not the same as barriers – Let’s not build barriers!

  Faithfulness is the concept of unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something and putting that loyalty into consistent practice, regardless of extenuating circumstances. – Wikipedia The Apostle Paul told the Galatian believers that faithfulness was evidence of a Spirit-led… Read More

A word to start our week : Faithfulness

Sometimes being loyal and faithful to our work, our relationships and our beliefs, takes patience. We fall out of step, rushing toward our expectations, hurrying toward unknown destinations because we’re tired of being here. You promised to lead us… Read More

For the not-good-enough parents like me

As I’ve been thinking about goodness this week and what I wanted to write in this space, I keep coming back to my frequent feelings of being a not-good-enough mother. I sense there are many of you who, just like… Read More

The Spiritual Discipline of Choosing Joy

Last week, I was out with some co-workers looking at potential office space. Before we left one of the buildings we toured, we were looking for the restroom. Just then, a guy came down the hall pushing a cart… Read More

A Word to Start Our Week : Inhale

Sometimes it feels like our week is just one big exhale. We push through at lightening speed. We sleep fast. We eat fast. We homework. We produce. We cook. We clean. We pay. When the weekend comes, we… Read More

The seasons that change us and shape us

I passed by this old ficus tree earlier this week. Her roots were growing high above the ground, swallowing a parking meter and spilling over onto the sidewalk. What a sight!   She was magnificent! We wondered how… Read More

What I learned from my seven year old self

I was in second grade, about seven years old, when my parents enrolled me in ballet class. I learned first, second and third position. (Maybe I learned all five, but I only remember three.) I learned to plie… Read More

I’m confessing about my anxiety

I’m going to confess something. Sometimes I avoid you, conversations, interactions. I’m one of those people who, more often than I’d like to admit, sends your call to voice mail, turns quickly down another aisle at Target, or… Read More

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