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For the not-good-enough parents like me

As I’ve been thinking about goodness this week and what I wanted to write in this space, I keep coming back to my frequent feelings of being a not-good-enough mother. I sense there are many of you who, just like… Read More

The sweetness and tragedy of life : What my granddaughter taught me today

Richard Rohr, in his book Jesus’ Plan for a New World: The Sermon on the Mount, writes about John the Baptist: His food is locusts and wild honey. Notice something sweet and something bitter in John’s scant but symbolically rich… Read More

I whisper… Thank You

As I cleared the last of the dishes and placed them in the sink, a whisper under my breath Thank You. How often do I get to celebrate my mom’s birthday with three of her four grandchildren in my… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 25 – Patchwork Family

Late last evening, I was admiring the beautiful patchwork table round that a dear friend of my parents’ made for them. As I looked at all the patterns in the fabric, I noticed that not one is the… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 20 – Reality

Okay friends… I hope to get back on this daily writing challenge again. My dad should go home from the hospital tomorrow, and perhaps I will have a bit more time to post. A girl can dream can’t… Read More

“I love you dad.” On endings that really are beginnings.

I love this time of year.  Though my kids are adults, I still remember the shopping for uniforms and notebooks and lunch boxes.  I remember the sandwiches and fruit cups and notes on napkins. And mostly, I remember… Read More

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