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A word to start our week : Peace

Our lives often move at a frenzied pace. The demands of work, family, church, school… they grab at us and we feel ourselves grabbing back, trying to take back control of the schedule, the noise, the pressure, the… Read More

When the soul needs a safe place to come out

Think about the word, SOUL. What does it mean to you? To some it’s music, to others food. Many think of the soul as that part of us that lives on after our earthly bodies give out. Merriam-Webster’s… Read More

Wearing the World Like a Loose Fitting Garment

I’m reading Emily P. Freeman’s latest book, Simply Tuesday. Emily’s writing always challenges me to think in new ways. Even more, she seems to put eloquent words to the thoughts already in my head. This week, I read… Read More

I’m confessing about my anxiety

I’m going to confess something. Sometimes I avoid you, conversations, interactions. I’m one of those people who, more often than I’d like to admit, sends your call to voice mail, turns quickly down another aisle at Target, or… Read More

A letter for my son.

I remember it like it was yesterday, that phone call from the adoption agency telling me that a birthmom had chosen your dad and me to adopt you. She was due in about a month, and would like… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Days 16 and 17 – Control

I’m writing this from the hospital, while my precious dad sleeps. Writing on an iPad has it’s limitations, so I can only get so much editing and fine tuning done. But still, since I missed writing yesterday, I… Read More

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