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The seasons that change us and shape us

I passed by this old ficus tree earlier this week. Her roots were growing high above the ground, swallowing a parking meter and spilling over onto the sidewalk. What a sight!   She was magnificent! We wondered how… Read More

A word to start our week : Change

It’s a season of change. Children graduating, moving on, moving forward. Flowers blooming, trees budding. Weather warming. Sometimes it can feel like this life is moving too fast. We want to stop it long enough to savor the… Read More

Seasons : How Autumn shows up in my life

Recently, I’ve been on a mission to find 15 minutes of margin in my work day. You know, the kind of dreamy feeling of not answering the phone, looking at email, putting out a fire or solving the… Read More

Being the girl who makes things happen

It feels like FOR.EV.ER since I have written in this space. I have missed the deep connection to my faith that I feel through writing here, and I have missed YOU dear reader! It’s not that I didn’t… Read More

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