Tag: Anxiety

Wearing the World Like a Loose Fitting Garment

I’m reading Emily P. Freeman’s latest book, Simply Tuesday. Emily’s writing always challenges me to think in new ways. Even more, she seems to put eloquent words to the thoughts already in my head. This week, I read… Read More

How I’m Learning to Live in the In-Between

I waited in the pre-dawn darkness, as my doggie was doing his business out on the grass. I looked at the house across the street and noticed a bright dome of moonlight glowing just above the roofline. I… Read More

I’m confessing about my anxiety

I’m going to confess something. Sometimes I avoid you, conversations, interactions. I’m one of those people who, more often than I’d like to admit, sends your call to voice mail, turns quickly down another aisle at Target, or… Read More

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