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31 Grace-full Days: Day 31 – A few thoughts on finishing

Well, this is it friends. The last post of the Write 31 Days Challenge. Whew! I thought I’d wrap things up a bit and share what I’ve learned. 1 – Small is okay.┬áSo many of the writers in… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 29 – Dropping the Ball

I’m not much of a baseball fan. But given that tonight was the 7th game of The World Series, and I have sorta kinda watched a few of the previous games in the series, I watched with my… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 27 – Being teachable

This is a 31 day challenge. I’m about at the end, and I’ve kept up pretty well. I’ve only missed a couple of days, and honestly, that’s dang good given all that we’ve been through over the past… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 25 – Patchwork Family

Late last evening, I was admiring the beautiful patchwork table round that a dear friend of my parents’ made for them. As I looked at all the patterns in the fabric, I noticed that not one is the… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 24 – Legacy

People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish. Psalm 49:20 I read that this morning and it made me think just a little bit. We work and work for material possessions. Houses, cars,… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 23 – How the Holy Spirit Uses Ear Worms

If you’ve been keeping up on my 31 day writing challenge, you know I took a little detour last week when my dad unexpectedly went in for a quadruple bypass surgery. (You can read more about that┬áhere.) My… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 22 – Baby Steps

Do you race through life like I do? Busily going from one thing to the next, grabbing coffee while answering emails, rushing to work, putting out fires, home to fix dinner, catch up with family, head to bed… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 21 – Sigh

I am writing from my parents home. I will be hanging out here for a few days while my parents are getting used to supporting my dad through his first days and weeks at home. I can’t seem… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Day 20 – Reality

Okay friends… I hope to get back on this daily writing challenge again. My dad should go home from the hospital tomorrow, and perhaps I will have a bit more time to post. A girl can dream can’t… Read More

31 Grace-full Days: Days 18 & 19 – Intuition

This morning, while perusing through Facebook updates, I came across a quiz for the Myers-Briggs personality test. Of course there is no way that a short 10 question quiz can really determine the complexities of the full Myers-Briggs… Read More

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