Hi! I’m Kari!


Hi, my name is Kari, and I’m so glad you stopped by today.

I’m a wife, a mother of young adults, and an escrow manager.  I am a recycled mess. I’m that bag of aluminum cans that you take to the recycling center. Empty. Crushed. Useless.  By the grace of God, I have been recycled into something new. Full. Restored. Useful.

I’m 53 years old, and recently married the love of my life. My husband and I first met when we were 13 and 14. We went to high school together.  We got married, but not to each other.  We got divorced, but not from each other.  We reconnected on Facebook and eventually fell in love and got married.  Now we live out our everyday reminder of God’s grace in Orange County, California.

I discovered something in all this messiness… God’s love is greater than anything we can imagine. I don’t mean the kind of love between people who like each other or happen to be in the same family. I mean the kind of rough-around-the-edges love, that only a God-inspired person can have for another human being. It’s the kind of love that never fails! God’s love has never failed me. I believe that He has called us all to love as he loves us, and that means loving the sometimes unlovable.

If you enjoy what you read here, please share with your friends.  I would love to see more butterflies in the world!





2 Comments on “Hi! I’m Kari!

  1. Hey Kari,
    Wow, you’re writing is eloquent, right from your heart. I thoroughly enjoy reading you’re post and I will continue to share.

    Thank you for sharing your gift, you are an inspiration to all those who are also in the process of being recycled.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

    With love,

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