A word to start our week : Gentleness

This world is anything but gentle.

Political wars are waging. Words spew out hate upon hate. It’s all too much.

Jesus, we know that you too lived in politically charged times. Yet, you were able to be gentle and kind, ignoring the cacophony of voices and expectations.

You lived as an example to us of strength under restraint. You never used your power to shame, insult, show off or disregard.
IMG_0805Help us this week to choose gentleness, humility and love.
When the words are full of hate, remind us to respond with gentleness and kindness.
May we see the struggles and the stories behind the words.
May we build bridges, not barriers.
May we reflect the gentleness your Spirit is growing within us.
The fruit of the Sprit is… Gentleness.

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