A word to start our week : Faithfulness

Sometimes being loyal and faithful to our work, our relationships and our beliefs, takes patience. We fall out of step, rushing toward our expectations, hurrying toward unknown destinations because we’re tired of being here.
You promised to lead us and provide for us, but at times the waiting feels long and slow. We are tempted to grab for ourselves what we should patiently wait for.
Help us to wait and trust your timing.

You said that you are always with us, but some days it feels you’re far off and we’ve been abandoned.
Show us glimpses of your presence in the ordinariness of our days.

Our relationships become rocky and we question if it’s worth staying in it.
May we remember that you have been faithful to us and equip us to be faithful to others.
In the waiting, the longing, the hoping, the dreaming, may we never forget that you showed your faithfulness to us in the form of sacrificial love. 

Help us to be faithful,
In our relationships
In our work
In our homes
In our faith
In our love

The fruit of the spirit… is Faithfulness.

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