A word to start our week : Patience

Our hearts keep breaking. Over and over we see scenes of violence and injustice. We watch and we weep. We feel powerless and hopeless. We can’t make sense of it, and we wonder if there is any hope for the future.

Jesus, as we weep, we know you weep with us. Remind us of your with-ness this week.

As we mark time with the sun as it rises and sets, remind us of your steadfast love, always there, though at times seemingly hidden behind the dark and dread.
IMG_1522May we be patient with others as they process their grief.

May we remember that love is first of all patient and kindness follows quickly behind.

May we wait in joyful anticipation for the sun to shine on us again, bringing with her a lightness of heart.

In the waiting and longing, may we remember that we hope for what we cannot see. Help us to be patient in the waiting.



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