A word to start our week : Peace

Our lives often move at a frenzied pace. The demands of work, family, church, school… they grab at us and we feel ourselves grabbing back, trying to take back control of the schedule, the noise, the pressure, the never-ending list.

Jesus, remind us this week to look up, look around and find space for our souls to quiet and breathe.

Help us to see with your eyes, to follow your example. You stepped away to pray and you never apologized for it.IMG_1453imageBlur

May we find peace for our souls as we surrender their ragged edges to your embrace.

May we relinquish control, remembering there is a journey on the way to the destination, and there are many things you want us to see before we get there.

Spirit be our comfort and guide as we slow our pace to follow your grace.

The fruit of the Spirit… is peace.


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