A Word to Start our Week : Joy

The fruit of the Spirit is… Joy. (Galatians 5:22)

As Monday dawns, and we press into a new week, we are tempted to be filled with dread. The pursuit of meaningful work often brings its share of less-than-perfect moments, where we see the raw, unfiltered anger of others towards us, and of us toward others.

We hear words that are unkind, sometimes directed right at us.
We watch others as they seem to succeed while we’re still slaving away.
We encounter hostility and anger in places that should be safe.
We rub shoulders with people who have good intentions, but nothing else.
We feel tired, worn out and weary of the fight.
We long for greener grass and bluer skies, thinking somehow “there” all this negativity will change.


Jesus, we accumulate mental and emotional garbage, and it all threatens to steal our joy.

We know that your Word says the fruit of a Christ-filled life is joy. But we lose all sight of joy when the garbage we’ve collected piles high around us, restricting our view of the green grass and blue sky that is already here and now.

May we remember that you sit with us in the garbage heap, helping us clear it away making way for joy to enter into our days.

Remind us this week that joy is a choice and a spiritual discipline you ask us to practice. It’s holy work you do within us.

As we pray for you to give us joy, may we remember that joy is ours for the taking. We simply need to choose it.
IMG_1636The fruit of the Spirit is… JOY.


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