A Word to Start Our Week : See

May our hearts be attentive to you Lord, as we begin a new week.
Long-Rope-Bridge_artAs we grieve with those who have lost loved ones, may we see glimpses of the hope that only you can provide.

As we wrestle with our own hateful thoughts, may we see your love, even for those who senselessly murder.

As we search for answers, may we remember that only in you can we find peace and rest.

As we face this dark, sometimes evil world, may we remember that you are here with us, and you shine your light in the darkest places.IMG_0604Above all else, would you give us your eyes to see the hurting people around us whose stories are not newsworthy, whose pain is not on display. May we see their need and be your light of hope.

May we remember this week that your love reaches down through ordinary people, on ordinary days, doing ordinary things. As we practice small kindnesses, may others see that they are loved beyond measure.

Help us to see.



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