A Word to Start Our Week : Inhale

Sometimes it feels like our week is just one big exhale.

We push through at lightening speed.
We sleep fast.
We eat fast.
We homework.
We produce.
We cook.
We clean.
We pay.

When the weekend comes, we feel the angst of living life all week long as one big exhale.

Jesus, we desperately need to inhale and fill the empty spaces with your rest, peace and grace. But when? How?


Help us instead as
We rest.
We savor.
We learn.
We embrace stillness.
We nourish.
We create.
We treasure.


Remind us that life needs a steady rhythm – breathe in, breathe out, breathe in again.

Even you Jesus, when busy with ministry, took time to inhale.

May we be more like you.



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