A word to start our week : Brave

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24

Jesus, as we start this week, help us to be brave enough.

To say “No” to the good things so we can say “Yes” to the better things.

To have courage to speak words that need to be said, even when we’re afraid of what people might think.

To embrace our goodness as well as our shadows, accepting that all of who we are is precious in your sight.

To boldly love others who are different than us, remembering we all bear your image.

To work hard, to play hard, to make time to rest and restore.

Make us brave Jesus, when our smallness seems too small to make any difference. Remind us that your Kingdom is here and now, living in us, and all you ask is for us to do our part; to love you and love others.




2 Comments on “A word to start our week : Brave

  1. Thank You…… I needed to read that this morning. Have a blessed week.

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