A prayer to begin a new week

Jesus, we remembered your death this weekend. Our hearts were full of gratefulness, knowing our sin put you there. We remember your death, and the savage way in which it occurred. You didn’t even try to wrestle free from its grip. You went willingly, and we don’t have enough words to say “Thank you.”

Savior, we rejoiced in your resurrection this weekend. Our hearts were lifted as we remembered that death holds no power over your Kingdom. We renewed our faith in the Resurrected One who makes all things new. Surely, you are still making all things new.

Today, we go back to the work that Monday holds. It’s busy and messy and hard. It’s fun and joyful and productive. As we begin this week, may your Spirit remind us that you are making all things new. The mistakes of yesterday don’t have to define our today. We get a brand new day to try again.

May the crucified Jesus remind us that things are not always as they seem, that sometimes there is good hidden in the darkness and dread.

May the resurrected Jesus remind us that you have the final word, and you say we’re worth it. Help us live in the light of knowing we are valued that much.




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