Are we really that much better than Afghanistan in our view of women?

A few weeks ago, I read a news story about a woman in Afghanistan whose husband cut her nose off because she objected to his taking a second wife – a relative of only seven years old. Her name is Reza Gul, and you can read more here.

Reza was married off to a man she didn’t know when she was 14 years old. She suffered abuse at his hands for six years, until he brutally cut off her nose and tried to kill her. When the gun didn’t fire, she ran for her life with her infant daughter in tow. Now, she is trying to put her face, and her life back together, and supposedly the Taliban is searching for her husband. Sadly, this kind of thing is not unusual in Afghanistan. (Check this out!)

I was outraged! This man is a pig, I thought. She isn’t a possession, she’s a human being created in the image of God! How could he?

The men in Afghanistan who cut off the noses or ears of women do so because women are an object that they possess. They are owned and expected to do a job. When they don’t do their job in the way the husband requires, they can be punished by beatings, sexual abuse, being thrown out of the family, even being killed. They can have their noses and ears cut off or anything else for that matter. It’s okay because,

She’s not a person, she’s a possession.

Later that day, driving through LA, I was disturbed as I began to pay attention to the buildings and billboards along the way. I noticed numerous signs for strip clubs, many billed as a “Gentlemen’s Club.” Wow… really? A strip club is visited by anyone but gentlemen.

A simple search on Google will reveal hundreds of strip clubs in the Los Angeles area alone. Even LA Weekly and Yelp report: Top 10 Strip Clubs in Los Angeles! Best Strip Clubs in LA!

I’d like to think we are more civilized here in the great United States of America. I would like to say that women are loved and cherished for the created beings that they are… that all men view women as human beings, equally valuable and worthy of love and respect.

Sadly, as long as men have the opportunity to go to a club and lust over nude or semi-nude women whom they don’t know, much less love, we aren’t much farther along than Afghanistan in this problem with objectifying women. As long as men have the opportunity, and our society promotes it as acceptable, men will give in to lustful desires and throw money at filling those desires by watching a woman take off her clothes for his pleasure and benefit. These women have names. They have stories. They have value in God’s eyes and they should have value in ours.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. – Genesis 1:27

In Latin, the words for this concept of being created in the image of God are Imago Dei. The Imago Dei is who WE are, the very image of God. He did not create man as the Imago Dei, He created mankind as the Imago Dei. He did not create women to be owned, mastered, ordered around, abused, used or


To be an object, is to be a something. To be a person is to be a someone.

This past week we heard a lot about the objectifying of women as Donald Trump refused to participate in a debate where Megyn Kelly was scheduled to be the moderator. She challenged him in August about past comments he has made about women, and he made a disparaging remark later about her “having blood come out from wherever” when she challenged him in the debate, implying she was “on the rag.”  It was inappropriate. As time has gone on we’ve seen that Donald Trump, instead of apologizing for his statement, blows it off as something else, as her issue, continuing to trash Megyn Kelly calling her a bimbo, a slut, etc…

One could argue that Donald Trump treats most people in a disparaging way, male and female alike. But I have to say, that pointing out a woman, calling her a bitch and a slut and a bimbo, really just makes the statement,

You’re not as much of a human being as I am. You’re not a person, you’re an object.

Is that really how we want the big picture about relationships between men and women in the US to be portrayed? It’s certainly not representative of the Imago Dei.

This post is getting long, so let me just say this:

Gentlemen, please remember to be gentle men. Women were created in the image of God, just as you were. When God created women, he created them to be your partner, your equal; different, but equal. Women, remember who you are – the Imago Dei. Don’t treat yourself as anything less and don’t let anyone else do so either.

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