The Pink Feather Promise

This morning, as I was dusting the desk in our family room, I came across a picture frame with a single pink feather taped inside. I had forgotten about it.  It used to sit on my desk in my office, and somehow it ended up at home and on this shelf that my husband typically dusts. Today, I was reminded of the special moment that feather represents.

Pink Feather

This pink feather has quite a story.

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, she was invited to a birthday party.  It was a tea party, complete with china cups in a lilac colored Victorian House.  It was lovely!

My daughter has never been a “girly-girl.”  She was born with a ball in her hand.  A gifted athlete from a young age, a tea party was not her idea of fun.  But she was thrilled to be invited.  She drank her “tea” and munched on cookies and little bite-sized sandwiches.  I knew she would rather be in a bounce house.

As we left the party, she was given a pink feather boa to take home with her.  She put it around her neck, called it “itchy” and that was the end of that. It was tossed in the closet with other unused toys and stuffed animals, never to be worn by her again.

Months later, my niece was visiting from out of town.  She was 7 and very much a “girly-girl!” She found that pink boa and wore it proudly, singing and dancing and pretending to be sophisticated.  She loved it!  And so, we gave it to her.  It was a no-brainer to us, but to her it was a simply wonderful surprise to be able to keep it.

For weeks after that visit, those pink feathers cropped up everywhere.  On the couch, on the floor, on the bed.  Every time I thought I’d gotten rid of them for good, another one would mysteriously appear.  Eventually, I stopped seeing them and the pink boa was just another memory.

Until, that is, I found another one – about six months later.  How that little pink feather survived the months of vacuuming and dusting and purging, I’ll never know.  But there it was, stuck to my bathroom tile floor next to the toilet.  Yes, that’s right. I happened to see it while on my hands and knees washing the floor (the way my  mother taught me!).

I stopped cold. And what I heard I will never forget. It was one of those “I just heard God speak to me” moments.  No, it was not an audible voice.  It wasn’t thundering and there were no lightening bolts or blinding lights.  It was a whisper of a thought in my head.  He said to me,

I see you.

I see you. Those three words tumbled around in my head. And then I heard, “Just like you loved giving that pink feather boa to Jessica, knowing how much she would enjoy it and treasure it, I love to give you good gifts and I know you will enjoy them.”

I don’t remember anything else, other than the feeling of knowing that I just had a holy experience, there, on my hands and knees, next to the toilet in my bathroom.  Fancy huh? But isn’t that how God is? He uses the ordinary,  mundane things of life and he uses them to show us his graces.  I picked up that lone survivor pink feather and taped it to a piece of paper.  I knew it was significant. I knew I needed to treasure it.  And today, 15 years later, those words are just as fresh in my mind as they were back then.  I see you.

“I see you” has had different meanings for me over the years.  Sometimes it’s, “I see you in your pain and I am with you.”  Sometimes, “I see you in your joy and I’m celebrating with you.” Or, “I see you, when others overlook you.”

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, God  has promised that He does indeed see YOU.  You are never out of his sight or his care.  Your circumstances can’t change his love for you and they can’t change the fact that he stands ready to help you through whatever challenges you face.  I see you. Let those words sink in deep. Let them be comfort to a weary soul. Let them be recognition for your tireless mommy moments. Let them remind you that you are significant, you are important, you are loved.


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  1. Comforting words for my hurting heart. I know he sees me but lately it’s really hard to remember. Thank you for reminding me.

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