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The other day, while checking out at Trader Joe’s, the woman at the register commented on my eyebrows. I know that sounds weird, but she asked how I did them because she loved them. I told her about the Anastasia eyebrow stencils I bought at Ulta one day when a woman was doing a demonstration and how I’ve never gone back. I encouraged her to try them. And then we talked about Brooke Shields’ eyebrows and all kinds of other nonsense while I packed my groceries into bags.

It may seem trivial to you, but that was a very significant conversation that I may not forget for a long, long time. Why?

Because she unknowingly affirmed me in an area where I’m insecure.

She had no idea that many mornings, while putting on my makeup, I have this insecurity about my eyebrows. Am I making them too thick? Is this whole stencil thing really good or do I look like a freak show with a unibrow? I know what you’re thinking, “Really Kari, your eyebrows are a reason for a crisis?”

That same day, I read what Elisa Morgan, posted to Facebook:

Headed to a church service sometime this weekend? Some woman you encounter will feel not enough. She will need to know that God loves her, specifically. How can you tell a woman you meet that she is Beauty Full?

It’s no coincidence that I read this the same day, because at the heart of my eyebrow crisis is the underlying feeling that maybe I’m not enough. And this was another reminder that we as women need to encourage each other and remind each other that we are beautiful. Or as Elisa’s new book title puts it, Beauty-full.

The woman ringing up my groceries told me that I am beauty-full. It gave me confidence. It gave me assurance. It boosted my self-esteem.

It made me want to go out and find reasons to affirm other women and tell them they are full of beauty, they are loved and they are enough.

I am enough. I’m enough simply because God loves me. But sometimes I need to be reminded, don’t you? Sometimes a simple compliment can make the difference no matter how trivial it may seem.

This week, I’m going to remember to compliment, to affirm, to remind other women that they are beauty-full. Because,

Love Never Fails. And a compliment can’t hurt either!

Love Never Fails

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  1. I don’t know why there are tears flowing down my face as I read this. I do have issues with my eyebrows because they are blonde and no one can see them naturally. It’s nice to be reminded that ‘I am enough’. Thank you Kari for sharing a part of yourself. I appreciate you.

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