Love Never Fails : Swedish pancakes + fervent prayer

I wish I had a picture, but the only thing I have is the snapshot in my head. Here’s what it looked like:

The only home I remember my grandparents living in was the tiny, tall, white house in Karlstad, Minnesota. It was a stone’s throw away from the train tracks running behind it, and just a short walk to the Assembly of God church. My grandparents had moved there from the farm a few miles away, as this home had running water and was close to town.

From the side door entrance, we stepped immediately into the kitchen where my grandma was always cooking something wonderful. To the left of the kitchen was a small bathroom which also housed the water heater, a closet with sliding doors and a small family room. Up the steep stairs was a bedroom with a curtain for a door.

My cousins and I will always remember the picture of the Charmin baby, cut out from the toilet paper package and taped to the water heater. We remember the smell of Swedish pancakes for breakfast, potatoes and gravy for dinner, and  homemade bread. We remember the days when grandma’s memory started fading and she no longer sent us birthday cards with a one dollar bill.

What I remember most, are the mornings when I would wake to see my grandma at her kitchen table, back to the door, hands clasped with her well-worn Bible open. There, at the table, nothing interrupted her from her time with God, praying in earnest for every one of her 6 children, their spouses and her 18 grandchildren.

She was many things to  many people, but to me, she was Swedish pancakes and fervent prayer.

We have a rich heritage, my family and I. Some may attribute it to good fortune or family values. I attribute it to my grandma’s prayers. She loved us all enough to bring us before God in prayer every single day.

She’s been gone awhile now. Somehow I think it was fitting that she died on Christmas Day. Her gift of prayer was surely met with the best Christmas present ever… being present in the presence of Jesus.

My grandma’s prayers still show me that

Love Never Fails

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