Love Never Fails : Jesus loves Lamar Odom


I saw this picture on Facebook this morning. Truth be told, initially I thought, “Yeah! That’s right!”

The updates about Lamar Odom’s condition ARE all over the media. And yes, he did do something really really stupid in what appears to be actions motivated by sensual desire and nothing else. He’s a guy who seemed to have life on a silver platter. Money, women, possessions, fame. He had it. And now what does he have? Organs that may not function properly again and a brain fried from drug use. It’s sad really. But Jesus loves Lamar Odom, and Jesus mourns with his family and friends as they grieve and wait and wonder and wish he hadn’t done what he did. (Yes, he loves the Kardashians too!)

The gentleman on the left, assuming he was in fact injured by a grenade in military service, suffered greatly as well. He may have chosen to be where he was that day or he may have been following orders. His wife or parents or siblings or children were given news of his injuries, his life forever altered by a choice to join the military. Jesus loves him, and Jesus mourns with him and his family and friends as they grieve what was and what is now.

Because we approve of a choice to enlist and go to war, and we disapprove of a choice to take drugs at a brothel, we tend to believe that Jesus loves one more than the other. Well, I’m here to tell you that just isn’t so. Jesus looks at both of these men, and he mourns with us the resulting injuries caused by their choices. It doesn’t matter that one man’s choice was noble and the other’s was selfish desire.

Does that ruffle your feathers? It should. Because in the end, God allows our choices to be just that, OUR choices. He doesn’t hold it against us when our choices end up in serious injury to ourselves. Nor does he hold us in higher esteem when our choices end up in serious injury to ourselves. It’s not to say that he doesn’t care. He cares… about everyone equally. And he surely wishes Lamar Odom didn’t do what he did as much as he wishes an enemy of the US didn’t throw a grenade at its soldiers.

Let’s put media or lack of it aside and remember that there are real human beings suffering and their families and friends are suffering with them. Lamar Odom did what he did because he’s looking for love in places where real love can’t be found. Lamar Odom’s biggest problem is that all the fame and fortune doesn’t buy him happiness. He can only find that in finding his true identity in Christ. That’s the big tragedy here.

In the end, both of these men have to live with the consequences of their choices. I’d like to think a wounded soldier can live with less regret than Lamar Odom will if he makes it back to full health. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. It’s not my business really, is it?

Before we throw the rocks in our pockets at Lamar Odom or anyone else, let’s remember that Jesus loves him, and his

Love Never Fails.

Love Never Fails

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