Love Never Fails : Keeping a record of wrongs

Relationships are messy. Can we just agree on that right now? What starts out as pure bliss often turns into realities we were never prepared for.

We fall in love, we get married, we expect life to be unending joy and happiness. Then reality hits. The things we once thought of as minor annoyances become huge irritations as we daily interact with our spouse. We experience financial pressures, loss of a job, illness, injury, parenthood.

Silently, and over time, we start collecting hurtful words that were said, things done and not done. We filter them through our own perceptions and stuff them deep inside us where they fester and grow like a cancer until one day when we decide that we’ve had enough and explode at the smallest infraction.

1 Corinthians 13 reads,

“Love keeps no record of wrongs.”

That’s a really hard thing to do isn’t it? We don’t intend to, but in our minds and hearts, we’re making a list of all those things our spouse has done to hurt us. I’m not talking about the big things like extra-marital affairs, or alcoholism and its effect on the family. I’m talking about the clothes left on the floor, the glass left on the counter, the errand you asked him to handle and he forgot. Or maybe it’s a poor decision that had an affect on you. Maybe it’s harsh words spoken after a stressful day at work.

Whatever they are, they are easily collected in this jar of injustice we hold close to our heart. When the jar gets full, it starts to overflow and things are said, actions are taken, battle lines are drawn.

What if instead, we regularly talked about the things we perceive as wrong or hurtful? What if we took the time to check in with our spouse, to be honest and vulnerable and tell him how we are feeling or how words or actions affected us? What if we allowed him to do the same, and took responsibility for how our words and actions affected him.

And then, (here’s the hard part) let it go. Love asks us to keep no record of wrongs, which means we actively choose to wipe the slate clean. Without asking for penance or groveling or payback of any sort, we choose to say it, then drop it. What would that look like in your life? I know in mine it often requires discipline  to control my thoughts and emotions and allow God to pluck the weeds of bitterness from me. Pulling weeds is no fun, but necessary for the beauty to grow.

Are you collecting a jar of injustice? Make a decision today to empty it, wipe the slate clean and keep no record of wrongs. Because

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

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7 Comments on “Love Never Fails : Keeping a record of wrongs

  1. “Relationships are so messy!” There is so much truth packed into that short sentence. We try not to keep track of wrongs, but because of our sinful nature, we still do. I am so thankful that God’s love never fails!

  2. I think you’ve been peeking inside of my heart. I’m just getting the idea that, as God has wiped away my wrongs with Jesus’ sacrifice, I’m in no position to keep anyone else’s closely locked up in a jar so that they ferment and grow. This is good stuff and your timing of it just reinforces what God is already doing in me. Thank you.

  3. I am so bad at keeping a record and he just talked with me (the Holy Spirit) in depth about giving grace. Thank you for this reinforcement of His truth in my life.

  4. Ohhh, so true. I believe only with God can we truly achieve that clean slate. We as humans are just too prone to… well, to clutching that jar tightly.

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