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There is so much going on in the world today. That’s no news to any of you. Last week our world was rocked again as we heard the news of students killed in Oregon by a gunman who plotted their fate for his own glory. What happened afterward, was a litany of politicians condemning the act and promoting their agenda for gun control. Religious leaders used the opportunity to cry out against religious persecution and call for prayer for our country that is going to hell. Others used it to position themselves for diatribes on the breakdown of family, or systems, or all other sorts of agendas.

In the end, what I see are parents who lost their children, brothers and sisters who lost siblings and a community who lost faith in the safety of their place of learning and growing. I see a man, with an empty soul, so hungry for significance he chose to end his life by ending the lives of others. It’s horrific. It’s unexplainable. It’s evil.

I don’t know the story of that gunman. I don’t know about his upbringing, or his family values. Was he exposed to the love of family or the love of God? I don’t really need to know any details to understand that he clearly did not value his own life or the significance of it any more than he valued the lives of others or their significance in this world. While people are saying we have a gun problem, I say we have a soul problem.

This morning I was reading Richard Rohr’s book Jesus’ Plan for a New World: The Sermon on the Mount, and was struck by something he said,

“Without God, without being tied to the eternal, the soul collapses into insignificance.”

We all just want to be significant, don’t we? We want to do something that matters. We want to matter to someone, anyone. What Rohr writes, is that “when the soul feels utterly insignificant, it writes its name where you can’t miss it.”

We see it in graffiti lined streets. We see it in two high school boys who plotted to blow up Columbine. We see it in the gunmen who terrorized and killed at Sandy Hook and in Oregon last week. People so hopeless, so void of soul significance that they had to do something extraordinary and heinous to make themselves significant.

You may think I’m oversimplifying this, and maybe there’s some truth to that. But when I look at things from a 100,000 foot view, I see children who’ve lost their significance because they’ve been abandoned by parents, by the Church, by teachers and leaders and those who should be role models. They grow up in a world where they have to find their own significance because no one is showing them that in God and his unending eternal love is the ONLY place we find real, lasting significance.

We don’t have a gun problem, we have a soul problem. Let’s start feeding the souls around us with God’s love, because in Him,

Love Never Fails.

Love Never Fails

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4 Comments on “Love Never Fails : Significance

  1. I agree – what struck me after the Oregon shooting was how everyone was using the tragedy to bring attention to themselves and their cause. May we never feel the pain and loss those families experienced.

  2. Powerful thoughts this morning! I love how you state it as it is – a soul problem. Our focus, our values, our morals or whatever you want to call them or misaligned. We value things that our not of God and as a result we mess up or make choices that have bigger ramifications than we ever imagined. Glad to be visiting you today.

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