Love Never Fails : Love is Patient

“Love is patient…” (1 Corinthians 13:4 MSG)

When I started this series, I wrote that I was going to use 1 Corinthians 13 as my guide this month. So tonight, after a long, tiring week and a day filled with frustrating interactions, I turned to this chapter for some direction in writing a post for day three of this challenge. I couldn’t get past these three words:

Love is patient

I wouldn’t exactly say that patience was my virtue today. I came home and unloaded on my husband with a diatribe of all the annoyances of my day. I complained about all I had to do and all that was on my plate and the way that other people ask for my input when I think they should already know the answer.

And then, I remembered the whisper of reason I heard earlier in the day, “Instead of being frustrated, be grateful that you are viewed as a person of leadership and influence.” 


It’s all about perspective you see. When faced with the interruption in my day of someone asking me for input, it makes all the difference in the world if I stop, take a breath, patiently respond and remember that being a valuable resource is a gift and a privilege. I can choose to be gruff and annoyed, or I can choose to take 30 seconds and give a patient response.

Perspective: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, a point of view.

Patience is a perspective. It’s not simply choosing to bite my tongue when I’m tempted to lash out. It’s choosing to see from another point of view. It’s taking a moment to consider where the other person is coming from.

I had a chance to practice patience and perspective just a few moments ago. Sitting here on the couch, struggling to put words in this space and feeling frustrated by a lack of clarity, my husband turned off the TV and started chatting. I’m clicking my keyboard and he’s talking about his high school football days. I stopped, hit save, took my hands off the keyboard and focused on what he had to say. He’s been here all day, working alone in his home office. His human interaction is limited, mine is constant. Seeing things from his perspective, he wants to interact. I want to retract. But love is patient. Love is kind.

Patience requires putting aside the hustle and hurry to see from someone else’s perspective. It costs me nothing. It’s a gift worth giving. The reward is knowing that I placed the value of another over the value of myself. I chose love.

Love is patient.

Love never fails.

Love Never Fails

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