Love Never Fails : A Boy and His Dog

Meet Mara, a sweet, one-year old Staffordshire Terrier. My “grandogger!”

Jeremy and Mara 2Oh, and that handsome guy behind her is my 22 year old son Jeremy, Mara’s daddy. He’s my first born. My first adopted child, born from the labor of waiting and longing and surrendering dreams to God. He was a gift, a sweet, smart, articulate toddler, who captured the heart and attention of those who knew him.

Jeremy hasn’t always had a smile on his face like you see here in this picture. Not long ago, he was a sullen, depressed, angry, 20 year old with no direction in his life. He was my prodigal son, emotionally distant and explosive. After a lot of trying and failing, I did something no one ever thought I could do. I sent him away, $20 in his pocket, a backpack with his few belongings, out into the world with no car, no home and no job. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but I knew in my heart that he needed this.

Fast forward two years, and he is gainfully employed (at two jobs!), happy and engaged with his family. It didn’t happen overnight, but my prodigal son came back to me, back to our family, and finally back to faith in Christ.

Jeremy and Mara 1

Earlier this year, when Jeremy brought Mara to our home for the first time, we could see immediately that the bond he had with his dog was an indication of how far he had come in his life. This little girl became his best friend, and the bond they share is evidence of a heart transformed. My husband and I both could see the visible change through the connection Jeremy has with her, instantly knowing that Mara was one of the best things that has happened to him in recent years.

Love isn’t limited to interactions between humans. Love can be expressed in the eyes and trust of a pet. A struggling soul might just need the unconditional love known only through four paws and a wagging tail. It might be eyes looking into the soul, sensing something wrong and saying what words can’t express. “I need you. You’re my world.”

We could all learn a thing or two from our pets. We might be grumpy and gruff. We may be lost and alone and acting out in anger, but our furry friends just forgive and keep on loving us. Humans aren’t so good at that. We think too much.

I’m grateful for Mara, because when it comes to a boy and his dog, Love Never Fails.

Love Never Fails

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  1. Thank you. I’ve had to do the same with my son, unfortunately, 6 yrs later he is still lost, currently sitting in jail. I hope that he will make the same decisions your son did. Bless his heart, and bless Mara, she is adorable.

      • FYI…. above post was from me (wendy)… I read it on my phone, which I still don’t know how to do. I don’t know why it came up Anonymous. Very good blog.

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