I whisper… Thank You

As I cleared the last of the dishes and placed them in the sink, a whisper under my breath

Thank You. How often do I get to celebrate my mom’s birthday with three of her four grandchildren in my home? This is special. I know she is grateful. I am too.

I step into the bathroom after seeing the most beautiful little baby born to my husband’s daughter, another whisper

Thank You. Not only is this sweet little girl perfect in every way, loved and wanted immensely by her parents, but I am here to celebrate it with them. I am welcomed. My husband and I, part of the “village” that is Ava’s family. A miracle in every way.


I listen to my daughter’s friend describe how good it feels to work full time and learn and grow and discover what she likes to do, I whisper again

Thank You. She is growing and learning and becoming a real adult woman. She is learning what makes her unique and special. She is full of excitement and hope and determination. She is grateful and I share it with her.

I read my daughter’s Facebook post describing the teacher in the picture with her at her graduation and how she impacted her life; how proud she is of herself, again

Thank You. She is demonstrating the maturity of seeing the beauty in the journey, of holding a goal that seems far off and keeping it in sight during the tough days of studying and trying hard. She is recognizing the people who help shape her, who help her become. She is grateful and proud and I am too.


This has been happening a lot lately. It’s as if gratitude has been seeping out, overflowing and comes out almost involuntarily in these whispers of

Thank you.

I am tempted to question if this heart of thankfulness, this feeling of overflowing gratefulness would still be here if things were different. I stop. I don’t need to go there. I need to be here. Present. Living these moments and being thankful for each of them. I savor their goodness, the life they bring. It’s a spiritual discipline for me. I recognize that. I reel the thoughts in and whisper

Don’t worry about tomorrow. It has it’s own troubles.

Give thanks with a grateful heart. 

Thank you.



6 Comments on “I whisper… Thank You

  1. Oh my goodness, what a simple, simply lovely reminder to give thanks. No, more than that… to see the blessings worthy of our gratitude in the everyday blessings of life and family and health. “Thank you.”

    • Sometimes simple is important, isn’t it? I think I miss out on some of the beauty of the ordinary because I’m looking for something extra-ordinary. Thanks Wendy!

  2. Give thanks with a grateful heart! Love those words. I loved this post. And that baby..ADORABLE! I am such a lover of infants. I love snuggling them. I really enjoyed this post!

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