31 Grace-full Days: Day 31 – A few thoughts on finishing

Well, this is it friends. The last post of the Write 31 Days Challenge. Whew! I thought I’d wrap things up a bit and share what I’ve learned.

1 – Small is okay. So many of the writers in this challenge have big followings, or they were looking to increase their following. For me, this wasn’t about that. It was about writing every day and challenging myself to put perfection aside and just get words from my heart on a page. My small blog with a small group of followers is just fine with me.

2 – I give myself more grace than I thought. I read so many stressed out Facebook statuses from writers that were worried about missing a day or running out of things to say. I am happy to say that I never put that kind of pressure on myself. What that tells me is that I’m giving myself grace to be less than perfect and not thinking less of myself for it. That’s a big deal for me!

3 – I CAN write more often. I often hesitated to write more than once a week because I was afraid I would set myself up for failure. I realized that I can indeed write every day, not that I really would like to do that! Instead, I think I can write some short posts during the week without feeling like I have to be on a plan or schedule. Maybe I’ll even throw in some less “inspirational” posts – like posts about food… I love food!

4 – I have a lot of really encouraging people in my life. I have received feedback from so many of you, and it really helped to keep me going. I have heard the words, “You are inspirational” several times and you know what? That’s what it is about. So for anyone who is inspired by my writing, I will keep doing it because you make it worth it!

5 – I AM a writer! I have struggled to see myself as a writer. I am a mom, a wife, an escrow manager, a daughter, a friend… the list goes on. A writer? That one I’ve struggled with. But now, I do see myself as a writer and I’m thankful to embrace the gift. It is something that feeds my soul and in the process is helping others. That is a GIFT that I am so thankful for!

6 – I will do this again. Next year, in October, I will participate in this challenge again. However, I think I will prepare more, get more tech savvy, and choose a topic that is easier to define and stay on track with. While I think I, for the most part, stayed with the theme of finding moments filled with grace in my days, I definitely had a hard time bringing home the theme in each post. I’ll give myself a break here, as we did have a really big family deal with my dad’s surgery smack in the middle of the month.

So thank you friends for taking this journey with me. I am grateful for you. I’m headed to Seattle for the weekend. So, I’ll see you next week as I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts that I think to share with you.

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4 Comments on “31 Grace-full Days: Day 31 – A few thoughts on finishing

  1. Thank you Kari for sharing a little bit of yourself with us these last 31 days. I truly was inspired by your words. With respect to the #4 thing you learned, don’t make it too easy. 🙂

    • Thanks Dan! I promise I will be posting more often. I’m so glad I was able to see how I could do more without too much pressure! I appreciate your cheering me on this month! It’s been really helpful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with us this month. I have enjoyed your daily posts. Peace, Love and Lots of Laughter

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