31 Grace-full Days: Day 29 – Dropping the Ball

I’m not much of a baseball fan. But given that tonight was the 7th game of The World Series, and I have sorta kinda watched a few of the previous games in the series, I watched with my husband tonight. It’s pretty much impossible not to get caught up in the tension and emotion of the game. I mean, this is THE World Series people!

So, it’s the 9th inning and the Giant’s are this close to winning and the Royals hit a ball out in the outfield (don’t ask me if it was center, left or right). The guy in the outfield misses the ball. Then the next guy misses the ball. And the runner makes it to third! Really? I mean really!? Even I could have caught that ball. Okay maybe not, because in high school I tried out for softball and got a black eye and the position of “manager.”

I said to my husband, as he threatened to take my blood pressure,

What would it be like to be the guy who dropped the ball and lost the game in The World Series?

I’m looking at these kids out there, playing a game for which they are paid more money than they can spend. They are kids! Such pressure and high stakes, and the eyes of the world are on them and what do they do? They drop the ball!

Oh, I am so thankful to not have such a stressful life. I mean, my every day decisions aren’t the end of The World Series. But oh, do I sometimes drop the ball. And sometimes, it feels like the end of the world.

You know, often we take life so seriously. We take every decision and every reaction and every little move we make and if it’s wrong or maybe wrong or possibly wrong, we get all anxious and lose our composure and worry that our little world of a flawless image might have holes poked in it. We might be seen as less than perfect.

Yes, I am preaching to myself. I am 100% harder on myself than I am on anyone else. I would absolutely lie in a corner in the fetal position if I were the player who dropped the ball and lost The World Series. But you know what? Life is not The World Series. Every poor decision and failure is not the end of it all. My life is not on a stage for all to see. I am human. Very, very human. I will succeed and I will fail. I will catch the ball and win the game and I will drop the ball and risk losing the game.

In the end, it’s all about perspective,

and grace.

Lots and lots of grace. I am learning to give myself more grace. To accept that I will get it wrong. To remember that I cannot expect perfection of myself anymore than I can expect perfection from someone else. There are rarely, if ever, World Series defining moments in my life. Let it go. Let it be.

Maybe you’re not a perfectionist like me. Maybe dropping the ball isn’t the end of the world to you. But if you happen to be a little like me, give yourself a break. Let it go. Let yourself be human. There will be another opportunity really soon to catch the ball and make the play.

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