31 Grace-full Days: Day 21 – Sigh

I am writing from my parents home. I will be hanging out here for a few days while my parents are getting used to supporting my dad through his first days and weeks at home. I can’t seem to get on their wireless, so I’m posting from my iPad again. Please forgive the lack of editing ability I have.

We are all breathing a big sigh of relief. Relief my dad is alive. Relief that he had excellent care. Relief that he has progressed so far. Relief that God sustained us as a family through the minutes and hours and days that have felt like living in an alternate reality.

I have heard and seen the sighs of family members a lot in the past 9 days. Sometimes sighs are breathed out of stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Sometimes they are breathed out of a heart full of gratefulness for another good report. Today, they are breathed full and rich from lungs that are thankful to be breathing fresh air outside the walls of a hospital; from family grateful to be on this side of a very stressful situation, believing that my dad is now out of the woods and healing.

Sigh… it’s all okay. Thank God it’s all okay. That’s not just an expression, that’s a real Thank God that he sustained my dad, protected his health, guided the medical team, comforted my mom, provided everything for every need.

Thank God. Thank you God.

I have few other words than that tonight. Just relief, thankfulness, gratefulness.

Sigh. It’s all okay.

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  1. I join you, Kari, in a heartfelt “sigh” that “it’s all okay” and that God has provided for your dad and for your family’s every need throughout this enormously difficult experience. I continue to pray along with you too that He will continue to heal Uncle Don and restore him to an active, healthy life once again. I am MOST grateful that you have been there, and continue to be with your mom and dad throughout this ordeal too, Kari. I’m sure it means the WORLD to them! Please give my LOVE to all, and thank God, thank God, thank God!

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