31 Grace-full Days: Days 18 & 19 – Intuition

This morning, while perusing through Facebook updates, I came across a quiz for the Myers-Briggs personality test. Of course there is no way that a short 10 question quiz can really determine the complexities of the full Myers-Briggs test, but my result was a bit interesting.

My result was INFJ in case you’re interested.

“INFJ’s are kind, mindful, complex and highly intuitive people.” (My husband would especially agree with the “complex” part!)

“They perceive and understand things very intuitively and are very rarely wrong about their intuitions.” Hmmm…

In the past I’ve tested out as an INTJ. Without getting all psycho-technical on you, basically the difference is between being more of a “Feeler” as opposed to a “Thinker.” And why is that significant to me today?

Well, let me just tell you that for years, I have really tried to discredit my intuition, my feelings, my gut. I get a “feeling” that I can’t exactly explain and because I have no rational explanation for it, I tell myself I am crazy.

But in recent years, I’ve tried to give myself a little more credit; a little more grace. Because you know what? My “feeling” based on nothing more than that, is right most of the time!

Let me give you a very recent example:

Thursday evening, sitting in my dad’s hospital room, I was thinking I would go home for the night. Something inside me just said, “You need to stay.” Well, as it turned out, my dad had a couple of moments, one of which involved me catching him when he tried to get back in bed by himself. It’s not that I saved the day, it’s that I was there when my mom needed me to be by her side in those scary moments with him.

I am learning to trust my intuition more. I’m learning that some things cannot be explained. And while my rational, logical nature wants to explain with fact before believing the feeling, sometimes I just need to go with the feeling and let the facts work out later.

That’s not easy for a person like me who wants explanation, closure and control!

I’m giving myself more grace. I’m trusting myself more. I’m embracing a gift that you can call what you want;

Intuition. Discernment. Feeling.

Whatever you call it, I believe it’s God-given and something God wants to use in my life. What gift has he given you that you tend to shoo away as if it can’t possibly be trusted?

Give yourself a little grace. Let God be God and allow him to give you good gifts. Acknowledge your own unique abilities and thank him for them. You are unique. You are gifted. You are loved and you are special.

Live it today!

If you’d like to take the test yourself, here’s the link.

Memorado.com Facebook Myers Briggs Test

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  1. In time past I scored INTJ on the MB test. I appreciate your words and insight!! Maybe it’s time to take the test again and look for more ways to allow for more GRACE in my life!!

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