31 Grace-full Days: Days 16 and 17 – Control

I’m writing this from the hospital, while my precious dad sleeps. Writing on an iPad has it’s limitations, so I can only get so much editing and fine tuning done. But still, since I missed writing yesterday, I want to get words on a page today.

I find it difficult to leave here, as if I might miss some good progress or the nurse might not attend to his needs if I am not here. Why do I think I can or need to control this situation? But control is comfort for me, and that’s a balance God has been working on in me for quite some time.

I can’t control anything in this situation really, except that I can tell the nurse what I observe works or doesn’t with my dad. I try not to offend. But when a new nurse who has never met my dad comes in every 12 hours, it makes you wonder how on earth they can possibly know that he gags on his meds if he isn’t sitting up. That he is confused and sometimes can’t hear or can’t express himself. That he is kind and considerate as a rule, so if he’s not kind, something may be wrong that you can’t see.

So… nothing profound here to say today. Just pushing through as the days wear on. Praying for my dad, thankful for his progress.

Till tomorrow friends…

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  1. Yes, so true you are pushing through! What a great to express this new challenge you have not faced before!!! You go girl and be the one who speaks for your dad when needed! Praying for you, Gloria Holland

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