31 Grace-full Days: Day 15 – Family

 When you get the news that your dad has to have open heart surgery, the world gets a little smaller. (See yesterday’s post) Since 6:00 am we have been here, mostly waiting, praying, talking, and did I say waiting? 

It’s hard to hear my brother choke up when praying for my dad before he goes in for surgery. It’s sweet to see my mom hug my daughter long and tight when the good news is he is off the ventilator so quickly. Moments that will live long in my heart long after the crisis is over, the pain is a memory.

Words hang. Focus shifts. All these many hours, these many emotions ebb and flow. How is he? How is she? What does he need? What does she need? Unbearable pain. Incredible thankfulness that he is alive to be in pain.

This is the first. The first major ordeal of our family that has been sheltered from great pain in life. Our parents age. It’s a fact of life we cannot escape. Yet, we never will be ready for it. It’s just not possible.

In all, God is with us. He is here. We feel his presence in the prayers of many. We sense his holding us in a time of uncertainty. We know. We trust. Because that is family. That is hope… Hope we only know because Christ is bigger. 

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