31 Grace-full Days: Day 7 – Performance {for my fellow 31 dayers}

There is a Facebook page for “31 Dayers” that I am subscribed to. It’s really been great to be a part of a community of bloggers all on the same 31 day journey. It fills my heart with a sense of being a part of something bigger than me. I have read people’s hearts, been drawn into some stories and gotten answers to questions that I was too shy to ask.

One of the things I am struggling with is how much this 31 day challenge can become all about performance. It’s hard not to let it be that. There are some really great writers involved in this and I think sometimes we get lost in the comparisons. I see bloggers post that they want to give up, that they aren’t getting the traffic they expected, that they can’t figure out what to write about today. They wonder if they skip a day if that’s okay. They ask if they don’t have graphics or buttons if they will be accepted. And I want to shout,

Give yourself a break!

Because my value is not defined by the length or profoundness or creativity of my blog, and neither is yours. My worth is defined only by the ONE who created me and the same goes for you. I want to tell you to write from the fullness or the emptiness of your heart. If that’s one sentence or 100 sentences, it doesn’t matter. Don’t focus on the imaginary critic, because the imaginary critic only exists in your own mind.

In this world where performance is the key to success, let’s give ourselves a break and allow this space to be one where we are free to be small and know that it’s enough. Let’s be kind to ourselves and not get addicted to traffic and comments and the like. Let’s do, as Emily Freeman would say, “Offer yourself where you are, and not where you wish you were.”

Let this be a freeing experience and not one that fills you with anxiety and frustration. Create for the love of creating. If it’s no longer enjoyable, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

For my friends and readers who are taking this journey with me, thanks for reading my thoughts. It’s an honor to be welcomed into your heart and mind. I appreciate you! May this also be an encouragement to you to be small and know that you’re enough.

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5 Comments on “31 Grace-full Days: Day 7 – Performance {for my fellow 31 dayers}

  1. Such wisdom here. “I want to tell you to write from the fullness or the emptiness of your heart.” Only when are hearts are empty and filled with Him can we write from the overflow. Visiting from the 31dayers FB group!

  2. I will keep that phrase in my heart, be small and know that I’m enough!

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