31 Grace-full Days: Day 6 – Longing

All my longings lie open before you, Lord;

my sighing is not hidden from you. Psalm 38:9

I read that verse this morning, and although it was written by David as a lament over his weak and sick body, something about it felt personal.

All my longings lie open before you.

I have things I’m longing for. I have prayers that go unanswered. I am in the waiting period for many things.

And the truth is, sometimes I wonder if praying really does any good. It’s not that I don’t believe in prayer, or that I have given up on prayer. It’s just that often I pray and don’t see any answers.

But this isn’t a post about prayer. This is a post about longing. I love that David says that his longings “lie open before” his God. Those vulnerable feelings. Those deep recesses of our hearts where deep longing lies. Those are the places that lie open before God and we can trust that he won’t crush them. In that there is hope.

Hope you say? Yes. Because I know that he sees me. He has seen every tear I have cried, every longing and anxious moment. Here, in this place in my heart where longing and sighing dwell, he meets me. And he is not troubled by it. In my vulnerability, he speaks softly saying,

“I see you.”

And for now, that is enough. It’s enough to know that I matter to him. It’s enough to know that he is with me.

My Grace-full pause:He sees my longing heart and walks with me through every moment.

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4 Comments on “31 Grace-full Days: Day 6 – Longing

  1. This is beautiful. It makes me think of a friend who is going through a period of longing! I love that you remembered that He sees you, and that is enough. Blessings to you!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that he can see our hearts and understand the words we can’t articulate? And you’re right–it’s enough that I know that I matter to him. Amen. Thank you for linking up at Inspire Me Mondays! I hope you join us next week :).

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