31 Grace-Full Days: Day 4 – Look Up

In an effort to try to get in shape, I have been getting up 30 minutes early on most weekdays and taking this little beauty for a ride.


Yes, she’s a Hello Kitty Beach Cruiser. So what! She’s seen better days – needs some TLC, but we have some fun adventures together.

At 6:00 a.m., all I am thinking about is getting through it. It’s not fun to get up early and forgo coffee until I’ve done the dirty work of riding. I yawn my way through the first half. I dodge cracked concrete, early morning sprinklers and overgrown bougainvillea. Ouch!

Since I started this morning discipline, I have looked at the road, the sidewalk, the bike trail, the houses. I have looked down, around, sideways, behind me. I have never looked up. After all, looking up might be dangerous! I need to watch where I’m going. Eyes on the road, vigilant to be sure I don’t do anything stupid, like fall. Falling would be embarrassing!

But yesterday, riding toward the east, I looked up and oh did the view change dramatically. I saw one of the most beautiful sunrises! Pink clouds bursting in morning glory. Wow, what a sight to behold! What a change in perspective.


As I rode on, I thought about that. If I had never looked up, if I had just kept on looking at the road, watching for the cracked concrete and sprinklers, I might never have seen the beauty in the sunrise. I would have missed the gift that this morning brought me.

You know, that’s a lot like our journey in life. Ever careful, we are watching the road, looking for potholes that might take us down, dodging obstacles and working just to make it through to the next stop. Instead, what if we looked up? What if we took a moment to look up to the One who holds our days? What if we took the journey, not with the end in mind, but with a perspective of enjoying the beauty along the way? Might the journey look less like work and more like art?

My Grace-full pause: May I remember to not be so serious about my day-to-day that I forget to look up.

Where are you in your journey? What would happen if today you looked up? I’d love to hear your story!

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2 Comments on “31 Grace-Full Days: Day 4 – Look Up

  1. Very nice thoughts my Dear. I’ll be back to join you after this current work crush is over. 😉

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