What I Learned in February

Here are few things I learned this month:

  • Dry Shampoo is pretty cool!  I remember my mom having “dry shampoo” in her cabinet.  It consisted of perfumed powder and a rag you put over the teeth of a comb to comb it through your hair.  My mother does not remember that at all!  The lady at the beauty supply talked me into trying it and even on my fine, short hair, it makes it fresh and full of volume a day after washing.  Yay for not having to wash my hair every single day!
  • If nobody stops me, I will take charge.  Okay, for those who know me well, that’s really not something I just learned in February.  But, it sure came to light as I planned a gazillion details for my company’s awards celebration that just took place this morning.  I kept asking how I got myself into this.  Then I remembered. I volunteered myself.  I need a roll of duct tape for my mouth when we start planning for next year.
  • Talking about kids, diets and other household matters are a date night killer.  I’m trying to be more intentional these days, and remembering there are 6 other days of the week to take care of those more mundane things sure helps keep date nights more fun.  This is a work in progress.
  • There is life after football season ends. It’s a different life, but it exists nonetheless.  It’s just less fun.
  • Cooking and baking feed my soul.  I learned this while on a girls weekend with my two Ya Ya’s recently.  I was complaining about the fake food on my new diet and my friend wisely said to me, “Cooking a meal feeds your soul.”  This brought immediate tears.  I’m learning to listen to my tears, and they told me that fake food might slim down my body but it was starving my soul.


  • Writing a very first blog post is way way way harder than writing a second or third or fourth.
  • It’s a thrilling kind of scary to put my thoughts in a blog and post it for the world to see.  The scary gets less scary when people are encouraged by what I write.  I love the affirmation and it has kept me plugging along.

What did you learn in February? Please share in the comments below!

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